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Geoff Johns didn’t want to show Regé-Jean Page in Syfy’s Krypton.

Page Regé-Jean

Page Regé-Jean
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When Netflix announced Regé-Jean Page Won’t be back in the second season of BridgertonSome angry fans even announced that they would not be joining the new season. Pages are part of what is created. Bridgerton One of Netflix’s hugely successful shows, with great acting and a look that made Karens swoon, although Page gained the spotlight for his role in the hit Netflix series, the actor. There wasn’t the best time to find a role at the start of his career.

in Hollywood ReporterLarge piece on Ray Fisher’s accusations of his experience in Justice league series, Kim Masters wrote. Several sources told her that kryptonThe creators of “Passionate Traditional Casting” and Page recruited the lead role as Superman’s grandfather. But DC Films co-chair Geoff Johns was accused of shutting down that idea, with the role going to Cameron Cuffe, his agent said. THR “Johns believes fans expect the character to look like a young Henry Cavill.”

On Thursday, Page took to social media in response to a representative for Johns’ “clarification”. Hearing about these conversations was no less painful than it was at the time. The statement was almost more physically hurt. Still just do mine We are still working We can still fly, ”he wrote.

The rejection doesn’t make sense because of the hero’s appearance and identity. It’s always evolving on the web and on the screen: Mr. Marvel has been a Pakistani-American teen since 2013.Marvel is about to release Aaron Fischer, the first gay Captain America in an ever-expanding comic series. The size limit of such representations is proven by Miles Morales as the successful Spider-Man. Into The Spider-Verse And Chadwick Boseman’s late ascent to superstar. pantherTo say “Fans expect, “The characters that seem to be the case are the collapse of the privileged gangsters who blame the blame when Jane Foster picks up Thor’s hammer? Idris Elba as Heimdoll

But Page was not selected for Seg-El, probably the best. krypton It wasn’t popular and Syfy canceled it after just two seasons in 2019 because of this Many DC fans were very responsive to the decision not to cast pages for this series.Maybe there is a silver lining. Warner Bros. and DC are making a Black Superman movie.Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Executive Produced by JJ Abrams, if Page is cast on that story, it will be a perfect match and will be the missing piece to turn him into a great star. Over his fervor Bridgerton role.

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