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Georgia Republicans assigns GOP lawmakers supporting Trump’s election corruption claims.

On Tuesday, Gov. Geoff Duncan shifted state Senate committee assignments for Sens Matt Brass, Brandon Beach and Burt Jones, all of whom joined President Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine Georgia’s results.

Beech was stripped of his position as chairman of the transportation committee and Jones was stripped of his position as chairman of the insurance and labor committee.Brass was reassigned to the board of banking and finance, rather than as head of the placement committee. And zoning with political influence, according to Macy McFall, deputy chief of staff and communications director of the Duncan office.

Jones expected a downgrade, which told CNN. “He has a different opinion”
; from Duncan, who has pushed strongly against allegations of voter fraud in Peach State.

“It didn’t bother me except it was an attempt to humiliate us and that really annoyed me,” Jones said Thursday. “It’s not really necessary and quite small.”

He noted that this was the first time since his first year in office in 2013 that he had not served as president. Jones also said he and the other two senators did not want to overturn the election results. But it needs a deeper investigation into issues that might arise in the state voting process.

“We’re not trying to overturn the election,” he told CNN. “You have to have evidence to overturn the election. But in order to have evidence you have to check things out.

He added that his goal was to “call” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of the Republican Party, who has consistently rejected Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

Brass and Beach did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Republicans dominate the majority in the Georgia Senate, with more than 30 of the 56 seats in the chamber.

Jones, and Beech, applauded the Texas federal lawsuit trying to overthrow President Joe Biden, who was elected a winner on key battlefields, including Georgia. Lawmakers at the time have accused “Misconduct, fraud and anomalies throughout the voting process” The case was ultimately rejected.

“We are the stewards of the public interest and we have to secure a vote against everyone, both overseas and in the country, to defraud their collective decisions at the ballot boxes,” read a statement in December.

McFall said the delegation of a new state Senate committee would take effect immediately.

“These committee chairs are unique in developing real and sustainable solutions aimed at building better Georgia,” Duncan said in a statement on Tuesday. “The Senate will continue to prioritize the work of conscientious committees and good public policy, and I look forward to working closely with each of our chairmen and their board members while. We work on policies that improve the lives and lives of all Georgians. ”

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