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Germany’s Colonial Genocide Aid Isn’t Enough – Namibia Vice President

Human skulls from the Heroro and Nama tribes are displayed during a ceremony in Berlin. Germany on August 29, 2018 to deliver human remains from Germany to Namibia. After the 1904-1908 genocide against Herero and Nama REUTERS/Christian Mang

Germany’s proposal to fund a project in Namibia worth more than €1 billion ($1.22 billion) over 30 years to recoup its role in the genocide and seizing of colonial assets more than a century ago. Not enough, Nangolo Mbumba, Vice President of Namibia said on Friday.

“No large sum of money in any currency can truly compensate for the lives of human beings,” Mbumba told reporters as Windhoek briefed the country’s official on the outcome of six-year talks with Germany that concluded last month.

“We need to recognize that the 1.1 billion euro amount agreed between the two governments is insufficient and does not adequately address the quantum of initial reparations submitted to the German government initially.”

Germany apologized on May 28 for its role in the killing of the Heroro and Nami tribes in Namibia more than a century ago. and officially described the massacre as the first genocide. because they agreed to fund various projects Read more

Thousands of Herero and Nama were killed by German colonial forces between 1904 and 1908 after the tribes Rebellion against German colonial rule It was then named Germany’s Southwest Africa.

The survivors were driven into the desert. where many ended up in concentration camps as slave labor. Many died from cold, malnutrition and exhaustion.

last week Herero Vekuii’s great chief Rukoro rejected the agreement agreed by the two governments as “insulting” as it did not include compensation payments.

“This is a historical choice that we have to make. as hard as it is If there is another opportunity to squeeze money out of the Germans We can do it,” Mbumba said at the briefing.

“I don’t think any Namibian would think that the money was enough to compensate for everything that happened – killed, kicked out of your country. The amount of money cannot be made,” he said.

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