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Germany’s elite police force dissolves far-right discussion groups

BERLIN — German authorities have disbanded a high-ranking state police force and suspended 18 active members after they were discovered to have participated in a forum that exchanged racist messages and praised the Nazis. Hesse’s interior minister said on Thursday.

movement against this unit This is similar to SWAT in the United States. at frankfurt It is the latest by German authorities to crack down on the rise of far-right networks in many state security forces and in the military. Police officers in several states have been fired or condemned for joining the group. Content such as swastika marks, Hitler pictures and anti-foreign posts are shared on social media.

only in the central state of Hesse The latest revelation brings the number of police officers who have been or are being investigated for sympathy for far-right social Democrat Gunter Rudolph. Describing this case in Frankfurt: “It is shocking” evidence of profound problems in the Hesse police force.”

The recently discovered discussion group consisted of three elite command personnel. Although they seem idle. This makes total unit collapse inevitable. according to government agencies

All 18 suspended officials face charges related to constitutionally banned communications symbols and racially hateful content. And supervisors will be charged additionally for failing to intervene or report the chat.

“The unacceptable wrongdoing by many of its members, including the immediate neglect of commanding officers in SEK Frankfurt, made the dissolution of parliament extremely necessary,” Hesse State Interior Minister Peter Beth said. said in a statement It refers to the SWAT unit by its German abbreviation.

Rudolph and other state legislators has criticized the police and conservative government leaders. including Mr Beth That tends to dismiss stories involving right-wing police officers as a single case. ignoring the problems of broadly like-minded groups and people across the country.

In the most important development of the nation’s efforts to eradicate extremism in law enforcement and the military. The Department of Defense was forced last year to disband the full combat unit of the country’s elite special forces unit. which was known by the German abbreviation KSK due to right-wing infiltration.

The authorities have made a big move after they launched an extensive investigation into the far-right structures within the unit. And just six weeks after authorities digging an illegal armory in the backyard of one of the company’s soldiers.

Chat rooms were the most active in 2016 and 2017, according to officials. And it happened by chance when the unit’s member’s mobile device was analyzed for child pornography in the event that it was not connected.

The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office is investigating 20 men between the ages of 29 and 54 who were in two different discussion groups. They mocked the refugees and shared Nazi symbols. Of these, 18 were members of the SEK, one in another police unit and one retired.

The investigation was first revealed on Wednesday. When officers raided six houses and ordered 18 elite police officers to be suspended from duty.

police in frankfurt which is the location of the elite unit have been scrutinized in the past The far-right threats against activists, lawyers and immigrant politicians that began in 2018 can be traced to the computers of the city’s police.

In one case, the police computer used to access the female lawyer’s personal data was compromised. Associated with police officers in a separate far-right discussion group.

last month Police arrest a man in Berlin for extortion Although the man had nothing to do with the police. But the harassed suspect is a sympathetic member of the police force involved.

Hesse state police chief Stefan Muller said the state police would build a new SEK unit to replace the old one. Instead, it will be restructured with a greater emphasis on responsible leadership.

“They are one of the security guarantors. So there must be no more unacceptable misconduct,” he said.

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