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Gervonta Davis: “I was nervous all night.”

Posted on 26/27/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Gervonta Davis was always arrogant whenever he walked into a room. That confidence pierced the ceiling as he entered the ring as he knocked down most of his opponents.

Even last night, when Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) slid two weight classes to deal with a much bigger man in Mario Barrios, the Baltimore native seemed indifferent to what the former WBA “Regular”

; Jr welterweight Jr titlist was. Offer … Davis sometimes smiles as Barrios’ fist blasts through his face and hits nothing but air. But while he seemed to be under control and calm under pressure. Davis revealed that really then he is a coward

“I was nervous all night,” Davis said after the Barrios win against a group of reporters. “I don’t know if catching it will hurt or not. Or will it hurt to catch it? He has 8 ounces (gloves) and I’m going up two weight classes. I don’t want to be caught So I halted all fighting.”

Even with a more cautious approach But the question of whether Davis could hurt his bigger opponent was answered in the eighth round. It was an explosive moment for Davis when he sent Barrios (26-1, 17 KOs) to the deck twice. Although he could crawl back to his feet But eventually he was beaten several times. On the 11th, Davis sent him back to the deck. This time, due to being shot, Barrios might have beaten the count again. But the match stopped shortly after Davis began unloading his men.

Before Baltimore’s product found the fight-ending shot he was looking for. He revealed that there was a time when his anxiety crept through the ceiling.

After sending Barrios to the canvas in episode eight He didn’t just stand up and dust. But he still fights back in the next round. especially in one sequence The San Antonio native carves the left hand that pushes Davis into the ropes. seems impressed Davis nodded in agreement with the shot. Although in the end it wasn’t what caught his attention. But Davis revealed the exact sequence that made his mind race through the night.

“No,” Davis replied when answering if the left hook in number ninth hurt him. “He hit me in the back of my head which stung slightly. That’s why I’m nervous. He’s 140 so I don’t want to be caught cleaning. when he really caught me i’m thinking Did he throw it away or was he trying to lure me? That’s what I thought all night.”

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