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Getting coronavirus can prevent re-infection for at least 5 months: study

Being infected with COVID-19 can protect people from infection for up to five months, possibly longer, a new UK study shows.

The SIREN study from Public Health England (PHE) was conducted with approximately 20,000 healthcare professionals and found that only 44 of 6,614 participants with COVID-19 antibodies when selected were found to be likely. “Possible” recurrent infections, which account for 83% less chance of re-infection compared to For people without antibodies The study was conducted between June 18 and November 24.

The antibody infection lasted approximately five months, on average, from the first time the participant was infected with SIREN.

“We now know that most people who have been infected with the virus and develop antibodies are protected from re-infection. But that̵

7;s not all, and we don’t yet know how long the protection will last. Importantly, we believe people can still pass the virus, ”said SIREN’s head of education and senior medical advisor, PHE Susan. Hopkins said in a statement on Wednesday.

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Only two participants experienced “probable” re-infection. Of 6,614 participants with COVID-19 antibodies thought to be “probable” re-infection, less than 1% SIREN was found. Cases are identified as “possible” or “likely” based on “the number of verified evidence”

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Hopkins added that people who have already contracted COVID-19 can “be confident that it is highly unlikely” they “will” become seriously infected. “But recurrent infections can still infect others.

Only about 30% of the participants with the antibody were reported to have recurrent symptoms, compared to about 78% of those first infected with the virus, Hopkins explained during a news conference, according to Nature.com.

However, these results will not be true for everyone infected with COVID-19.For example, one study published in August showed an example of a Nevada man with a severe form of COVID-19 after being infected with another virus. time

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Nevada researchers found that the person’s first exposure to COVID-19 “It may not result in immune levels being 100% protective for everyone,” the researchers also noted in the introduction to other forms of coronavirus, immunity can disappear within one to three years.

“It is now important that all of us stay home to protect health services and save lives,” Hopkins said in her Wednesday statement.

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SIREN researchers will continue to study participants over the next year to see how long COVID-19 immunity lasts in people who have previously been infected with the virus.

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