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Giannis Antetokounmpo injury update: Bucks star cut off Friday with Bulls sprained right ankle.

Giannia Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo Having just missed six games due to an injury and his status is now back in motion, the reigning MVP two times drove to the basket in the first quarter against the Houston Rockets on Thursday. But stepping on the feet of Kelly Olynyk, the big man of the Rockets.

He immediately fell to the ground in intense pain. He was in the game for one more free throw and possession, but the Bucks called a timeout from there and got him out of the game. He walked to the locker room from there. Antetokounmpo Not locked to play in this game due to a previous ankle injury. He was identified as possible. But in the end it makes sense Then he seemed to aggravate the fluke.

Milwaukee coach Mike Budenholz didn̵

7;t reveal much after the game. “I think we hope it’s not serious,” he told reporters. “We’ll see how he responds to tonight’s treatment, tomorrow’s treatment, get tomorrow’s updates.”

While Budeholzer has yet to speak to the media before Friday night’s match against the Chicago Bulls, the Bucks ruled Antetokounmpo. Officially exited the Central Division with what the team diagnosed with a sprain of the right ankle.

The Bucks are three-and-a-half from No. 1 in the Eastern Conference on Thursday and are scheduled to play two against the top-seeded Brooklyn Nets on Sunday and Tuesday. If they win both, they will hold a tiebreaker over the net. They already have a tiebreaker over the Philadelphia 76ers, so getting it will put them in a strong position to gain a homefield advantage if Antetokounmpo. Unhealthy, that was clearly dangerous, and Thursday’s loss of the Rockets damaged their hopes of avoiding the No. 3 seed.

Thursday is hardly a good day for sports fans in Wisconsin. First, it was reported that Packers defender Aaron Rodgers told the team he didn’t want to return for next season, now their other MVPs are dealing with this injury. Antetokounmpo They almost certainly made a comeback before Rodgers did, but with the playoffs getting closer and closer each day, the Bucks were unable to live without their best players for a long time.

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