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Giant lizard sweeps supermarkets, wild video goes viral

“Godzilla vs. Kong” isn’t the only giant lizard drama this week.

Asia’s massive water inspections scare shoppers after going on a “King of the Monsters” rampage through 7-Eleven in Bangkok, Thailand. The original video tweet of the incident was viewed almost a million times before it was deleted.

The terrifying clip, posted to Facebook, shows a giant reptile scratching milk from a box and making spectators shout in shock.

“The shelves are completely destroyed! Oh God. ”Ejaculation can be heard about this eight-foot-tall reptile, the second largest lizard in the world after the Komodo dragon, according to Everything Reptiles.

The clip concludes with a water meter placed on a shelf near the ceiling while an innocent bystander is behind the scenes.

Fortunately, despite their large size, opportunistic predators pose no threat to adult humans, instead choosing to eat everything from eggs to small mammals and corpses, according to experts. 0.3 miles from Zoological Museum, University of Michigan (However, some of the dead babies were found eaten by monitors in southern Thailand in May 2020).

However, the scaly shopping spree confuses social media.

“Godzilla is real,”

; wrote one social media audience. Another scene describes the scene as “nightmares”.

“When are you hungry, can you drop by at 7-Eleven?” Is crazy about the comedian on social media, referring to the convenience store chain’s slogan.

It’s not known why the lizard entered the store in the first place, although some speculate that it tried to escape from the humid outside temperature.

This is not the first time a monitor lizard has shocked humans: In 2016 there was a massive dump over Bangkok’s Lumpini park, causing shocking damage to vegetation and tourists.

Meanwhile, in a viral clip from a Japanese game show, monitors were placed for female contestants wearing meat on their heads.

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