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Giants Appoint Matt Wisler for Assignment

The Giants shuffled their pitching staff Wednesday against NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic (Twitter link) for the official left-hander’s contract selection. Sam Long and right-handers James Sherphy (As previously reported in Long’s case) right-handed Matt Wisler is defined for assignments in consistent motion while outfielder Alex Dickerson He was placed on the injured list for 10 days due to a strain on his upper back.

The 28-year-old Wisler was somewhat surprised not to be bought by the Twins on the heels of a 1.07 ERA and a 32.7 percent strike rate in a shortened slate game last summer. Tremendously at a troubled 1

3.1 percent walk rate that may have contributed to his not buying it – he dropped to 7.3 percent in 2021, but he became another shock homer. In 19 1/3 frames he Tagged for four long balls — 1.86 ratio per nine innings thrown. The 6.05 ERA result prompted the Giants to move on.

San Francisco will have a week to trade Wisler or immediately attempt to send him through a waiver. He has enough service time to immediately decline assignments to grant free agents. But doing so would forfeit the remaining $1.15 million in salary, so he’s more likely to accept the assignment if he passes an unclaimed waiver.

Sherphy, 29, spent part of three seasons in the division. Playing in the 2017-19 Diamondback and including 45 1/3 innings total, he recorded a 2.98 ERA in that time, punching a quarter of his opponents against a 9.9 percent pace so far. Now in Triple-A Sacramento he has 7 2/3 innings off with a K/BB ratio of 11 to 1.

The 31-year-old sheriff is a revelation for the Giants in 2018 after returning from the Padres, a division competitor in the trade. But he will struggle in 2021 and deal with all the familiar durability concerns. Dickerson scored .900 OPS in his first two seasons with San Francisco. But he has only collected .226 .295/.398 output so far this year. This will be the second IL limit of the season for him. Because he previously spent 10 days on the injured list with a hit in the right shoulder.

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