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Giants Tweaked Eagles In DeVonta Smith NFL Draft Picture

A lifelong North Jerseyan in Jabrill Peppers couldn’t resist the Eagles fans.

The Giants captain released two photos side-by-side on Instagram of the 2021 NFL Draft, the first round picked DeVonta Smith (Eagles) and Kadarius Toney (Giants). The Giants came up while Smith wore headphones and his face was expressionless as he held the Eagles jersey.

“The difference being drawn by a giant over an eagle is obvious,” Peppers wrote in the caption under three laughing emojis.

Throw another class in the match. Giants-Eagles

The Giants slapped eight losing games to the Eagles on November 15, 2020, and Peppers, an East Orange native and former Paramus Catholic High School star, had a redemption in 27-1

7 victories.

DeVonta Smith and Kadarius Toney
DeVonta Smith and Kadarius Toney
Jabrill Peppers Instagram

Six weeks later, the Eagles often play for the losing streak in Week 17 when wins send the Giants to the playoffs in Washington. Doug Pederson’s coaching decision angered Giants coach Joe.

The Eagles frustrated the Giants once again in the first round of NFL Draft by trading from a No. 12 pick to No. 10 with rival Cowboys to meet the Giants. Smith would have been Jaime’s choice. Ants, at No. 11, when Smith went to the Eagles, the Giants turned a nine-point swap with the Bears, picking Tony at No. 20 and an additional 2022 first-round pick.

The NFL schedule will be released on May 12 if the scheduler is paying attention. Giants-Eagles in Week 1 is the way to go.

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