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Gigi Hadid’s birthday tribute to boyfriend Zayn Malik gives them their lives as new, rare parents.

Image Credit: Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram


Zayn Malik celebrated his 28th birthday today and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid celebrated the occasion by paying tribute to him on Instagram and giving their relationship and life as new parents to daughter Hadid. Posting 2 photo galleries featuring never-before-seen photographs of her and Malik, as well as an illustration of him with a baby girl.

“The team doesn̵

7;t sleep!” Hadith wrote to him. “Happy birthday to our Zaddy baba, very special. Love you for a long time. Thank you for making me the best mom to the best woman ever ☺️. Wish you the best every day.”

Hadid and Malik intend to keep their relationship more private, this time they’ve both been open-closed since November 2015, but Hadid has made her quiet life with Malik. Most recently, she shared a flashback of them kissing on her Instagram Story in December, taken in April 2020:

Image Credit: Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Hadid also opened up a bit about their relationship on Instagram Live with her makeup artist Erin Parsons in May. She talked about how Malik would respond to her when he saw the makeup she had recently done during an IG Live tutorial.

“What will my man be like?” Hadid joined hands and sneered. “You know what’s funny is I don’t think he obviously likes it when I walk in from work. ‘Oh, is that Erin’s look?’ Or ‘That’s like Patrick. [Ta] Look at it ‘or whatever. But he really loves him – what do I say? He had the most excited reaction when Erin did his makeup without knowing. He would be like ‘Wow, you look amazing.’ ”

In late September, days after their daughter arrived, a source spoke to E! News. On how parenthood changed the way Malik views his relationship with Hadid.

“Zayn was deeply moved when their little one was born,” the source said. “It was a very emotional and special moment for him. He showed that he was forever changing and will never let her down or Gigi. “The source added that despite their open-close history, Hadid and Malik are” in the best place right now “after their little girl’s arrival.

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