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Gleyber Torres’ early season defense issue for the Yankees

This is a trembling secondary leg headache.

The good news for the Yankees, their first home in the book, is that Gary Sanchez has shown some signs of life, their greatest risk from off-season play, as he might be able to salvage.

The bad news? Another winter risk, the lesser risk that appeared at the time, was complicating

Gleyber Torres’ 10th pitching error did not lead to a direct loss to the Yankees 4-3 Orioles on Wednesday night at the Yankees Stadium as the game ended in the 11th frame. It is the second official stop this year, in addition to a few more memorable unofficial fouls, making the Yankees’ first loss to the Orioles at home since May 1

5, 2019. Win 12 games in a row over them in The Bronx.

And it has intensified scrutiny about a fourth-year player coming into the big leagues as serving second baseman and struggling to briefly switch to Didi Gregorius’ successor, though. It will be played there as the total sum in Venezuela. If it was clearly too soon to wonder about a shift in a critical position, it was slow enough to know the problem here.

“He’s got all the talent to get out there and do it,” manager Aaron Boone said of Torres after the game. … He’s got all the equipment to work through the bumps and he’s confident in knowing he has the equipment to get through it. ”

Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres
NY Post: Charles Wenzelberg.

Although Boone does not mind spinning on behalf of the players. (He commented before the game that Baltimore’s Ryan Mountcastle should be called off in Tuesday’s ninth match play, when Torres took too long to execute, providing Mountcastle with a field single.) He did not offer terms. Any for Torres’ game-changing broadcast.

Chad Green made a detailed record twice, allowing extra-inning runner Anthony Santander to go forward from second to third only when O’Hare’s catcher Pedro Severino knocked. Door for Torres With plenty of time to take on slow-moving Severino, Torres unleashes a terrifying throw at the inexperienced first Jay Bruce, out of control, allowing Santander to go downwind. Boat can go home Those who remained from the 10,254 announced crowd let Torres get booed.

“He’s throwing there, it’s very difficult for Jay,” Boone said.

Kyle Higashioka gave teammates a temporary reprieve when he separated home runner Tyler Wade from second at the end of the inning. But when Green’s single serve went forward to squeeze Chance Sisco in 11th, scoring Rio Ruiz from third base, the spotlight turned back at Torres.

He stood on the lower deck of the innings as Santander took DJ LeMahieu’s drive line to the right field and nailed the Gio Urshela nameplate at home, leaving Urshela restless and Yankees fans hoping for that submission. Suspiciously not causing the injury, Boone said Urshela was fine, with “his neck already bad” and it seemed like this would be a good time to mention the injured Aaron Judge was absent. And there was doubt on Friday because of the pain on the left.

Sanchez clocked in on a strong night, taking part in a single and two walks and tackled his duties behind the plate without controversy. He returned to Florida using the slash line. 278 / .350 / .667

Torres took part in walking and solo to raise his support to the. 250 / .333 / .292, which is lower than he expected. After all, his brand calls for him to overcome his mistakes with gloves.

For now, the Yankees have little to do other than support the youngest players and hope their faith pays dividends. Even if he was never an Ozzie Smith there, he would have greatly reduced his mental errors. They made a bed with him at a special spot.

It’s a headache for now. It is certainly not incurable. One thing, however, the Yankees hope to avoid before they hit the road.

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