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GM plans to encourage Australians to switch to electric cars

General Motors can be a little challenging in Australia. Because trying to convince the market there to switch to electric cars. Brisbane Times It noted that people refused to sit in the Tesla cars that coal miners turned to help break down barriers around electric cars.

Even though Tesla is the loudest sound for electric cars and awareness. But GM is stepping up to become a clean vehicle partner in Australia. The company believes it can convince both Australian and American markets to embrace a new driving skill: silence.

Tim Cooney, GM’s vice president of global public policy, shared his thoughts with GM. The Sydney Morning Herald and age During a briefing with foreign journalists “According to the culture between the United States and Australia Gasoline cars are romantic. And that will be an adjustment that society will build over time,” Cooney said.

“For many years You̵

7;ll still be able to buy a full-necked Camaro or Corvette Roar or a Chevy Silverado or something like that. But this change is about to happen.”

Cooney points out that the rise of electric vehicles is not only necessary for the environment. But it is also inevitable given the commitment of national and county governments around the world and the recognition of the industry.

“This is coming down the spear in one way or another,” Cooney said.

GM’s goal of carbon neutralization by 2040

GM aims to build carbon-free fleets, operations and facilities by 2040, wants 30 electric models to be available globally by 2025, and invests $27 billion in that vision. The challenge is convincing the customer base to switch to electric vehicles.

Cooney has high hopes that many will win as they learn more about EV capabilities. Customers looking to travel longer distances can buy electric vehicles with larger batteries. Passengers who do not need a large battery will also have the option to purchase an electric vehicle that meets their needs.

Jack Hund, the founder of GM’s new EV factory, says he believes EVs can win over people’s hearts through silence. “For example When you’re in a Hummer EV and you go from zero to 60. [miles per hour] in three seconds quietly I think that excitement will help accelerate the enthusiasm for electric cars,” he told LiveScience. Herald/age.

Opponents claim the Labor Party wants to steal the weekend.

Unfortunately, emissions reduction minister Angus did not support EVs too much during the previous federal election. The Coalition told voters that by supporting the adoption of EVs, the Labor Party wanted to “steal” people’s weekends.

He shares his stance with Brisbane Times“I don’t drive an electric car,” he said. “I live in New South Wales and drive long distances each year – 60,000 or 70,000 kilometers, so I need something that can handle tough roads and distances.”

That word was fear. uncertainty and well-trained skepticism, in my opinion. After all, he unwittingly claims year-to-date mileage that many EVs have high mileage. even in a petrol car You will have to stop refueling at several points throughout the year. He sounds like he only fills up once a year. He also neglects to point out that most of the charging can be done at home. This can often be done at work. and the charging station can be placed anywhere

2 Men Fight FUD & Doubt

This article also shares the story of Dan Bleakley and his brother Tim. Dan is a former engineer who worked in the coal and oil industries before becoming a climate activist. His brother Tim owns the Tesla model. Let Dan borrow his car.

The two men produced a video to raise awareness about the experience of coal miners on Tesla’s acceleration for the first time.

Bleakley noted that allowing coal miners to experience Tesla as he drove from Melbourne to his hometown has helped break down obstacles it has created over the years. Many of Dan’s friends dislike him as an activist. However, some people are less confident and refuse to sit in the car for less than a test drive.

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