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Go read this report that uses GPS to prove Parler users invaded the Capitol.

You should go read this Gizmodo The report used Parler’s leaked GPS data to show the users were among the people who invaded government agencies on Wednesday. The report stems from the fact that social networks have almost been wiped off the internet and are a good read for anyone following the story.Reporters Dell Cameron and Dhruv Mehrotra had to sift through a number of posts to create a map of the uprising:

Gizmodo mapped nearly 70,000 geo-located Parler posts, and on Tuesday split hundreds of them published Jan. 6 near the Capitol, where pro-Trump supporters hope to topple the regime elections. Democracy and keep the president

As Parler goes down, researchers can take advantage of horrible security practices to download almost all data, including videos with tagged GPS locations.Here̵

7;s how. Gizmodo Follow the mob movement: From Trump’s rallies held earlier in the day to finally inside the country’s parliament building.

Since the Capitol Riot, almost every company that Parler works with has dropped them as customers, including Amazon, which hosts the site’s data, and Google and Apple, which hosts apps in their stores. Calls for violence against the US government

While Gizmodo The report doesn’t show how widespread the problem is on the site. But it shows that Parler was used by those who participated in the attack. It goes into detail about what a group of people does and how the GPS data shows some of the moments that have been burned into our memories, so it’s worth reading.

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