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God of War fans are trying to decode Cory Barlog’s Twitter footage.

God of War fans are trying to decipher the clues hidden in the images posted by God of War writer Cory Barlog.

God of war Fans are trying to decipher the clues in a new picture posted on Twitter of God of war Story writer and director Cory Barlog Barlog created a header image of him on Twitter, with fans excited to announce the file. God of war The theme for his feed must mean news is on its way.

With the last game in the series God of war (2018,) Reviving a franchise that hasn’t seen a new title since 2010, fans are eager to see what the newest game will be. Although officially announced in September 2020, the sequel to God of war Teased at the end of the 201

8 game, there is an additional secret banter over the PlayStation 4 theme.The PS4 background theme features a rune carved into Kratos’ ship, which Redditors translate to, “Ragnarok is coming.” Fast

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This made the Redditors’ skepticism more realistic about Cory Barlog’s Twitter image as the precedent was set for a secret clue in God of war Picture that image contains files God of war The characters include Mimir, Freya and, of course, Kratos and his son. Characters are sitting around a large table eating heavily cooked meat. More importantly, though, the cups in front of each character have rune symbols painted on them, which is the main attraction for Redditors.

God of War Cory Barlog Twitter header

However, the message is not as clear as the runes of the PS4 background theme, as fans struggle to find out what the translated text might be. There are several theories about the meaning of images. God of War: RagnarokRedditor huxainsyed had pointed out the shadowy figure in the window of the image and said it might be Thor. Other users strong_is_waifu Improved part of the picture to show runes on wood panels above the fireplace Once again they read “Ragnarok is coming”.

While most of the information about the images is purely guesswork at the moment. But there’s definitely an interesting theory out there, fans may have to wait for Sony to make an official announcement before they can learn more. God of War: Ragnarok It won’t be at this year’s E3 event, though that hasn’t stopped people from trying to decipher the tiny clues the picture has to offer. God of war The sequel is coming in 2021 and fans of the 2018 game have made it clear that the hype is true.

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