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Golden Nuggets: 49ers punished for violating offseason training rules

One thing about this team is that there are no dull moments. On Thursday, the NFL announced that the 49ers were given a one-week penalty for violating offseason training rules.

How does the NFL know? from videos posted on social media We don’t know which particular video. But you weren’t allowed to contact and video of Demodore Lenoir of him covering Austin Watkins during a 1-on-1 fight felt like the culprit.

Caught: 49ers lose 1 week in rookie development for rules violations

The 49ers per report Pelissero will not be allowed to develop a rookie for a week because Videos appearing on social media From a rookie minicamp that says San Francisco doesn̵

7;t follow offseason training rules. The video itself shows a contact between two players when no contact is allowed during that time.

This separates the team that canceled the last two OTAs and forced minicamps. Shanahan on Wednesday in a press release said the team had been planning for some time to shorten the offseason program for a variety of reasons.

Why is it important that Kyle Shanahan, SF 49ers, are sharing their COVID-19 vaccination numbers?

I find Shanahan’s transparency and outspoken concern about failing 85% marks a striking shift in the discussion of vaccines in professional sports. His admission was more valuable than news from Panthers defender Sam Darnold and Washington defense defensive line Montez Sweat. Two people who asked questions Wednesday about vaccinations. Because obviously they didn’t plan on getting the vaccine.

And from what I’ve gathered Most of the national football headlines are about Darnold and Sweat. And most of the local football headlines are about minicamp cancellations. Niners/San Francisco Recent Severe Injuries The writing of factual updates about celebrity athletes’ vaccine hesitation has its origins, but at this point it’s clear that both team and league vaccination trends are far more important.

49ers have ‘crossed fingers’ in Dee Ford Ford potential return

Ford only appeared in one game last season. while dealing with neck and back injuries in September He spent most of his time restoring ordnance at the 49ers team’s establishment in Santa Clara before continuing on-site rehab under expert guidance.

“He’s been here since the beginning of February to do everything,” Shanahan said. “There’s about three and a half months here. And a week before everyone returns He returned to Kansas City with his back specialist. He’s made great progress in the months he’s been in rehab here. We know we won’t get him through the OTA because we don’t want him back on duty.”

George Kittle impresses Trey Lance, calling the rookie 49ers a ‘Freak athlete’

“He’s a weird athlete. It was fun to look at that, it was,” Kittle told the Silvers. “He also had a cannon for his arms. that is worth following It’s definitely a different style of playing at the back. But at the same time, Kyle Shanahan has a very dense guidebook. and he is human He was the third choice overall. but he is human But he has the opportunity to be a good person, though. I like him.”

49ers WR Mohamed Sanu ‘hard to beat’ for roster position

“Mohamed Sanu is a player we have history with. Not just last year. But in Atlanta in 2016 and I think Mohamed Sanu serves as a good visionary for children. Many people because of this friend came back in good shape. And there is something to prove,” McDaniel said. “You can tell that he didn’t expect anything to give him. And he’s trying to find a place in this team. So it was really exciting to see him perform. he did very well And if he comes back to the training camp in the same way? He’s going to be a tough guy to beat in the last 53 lists.”

Kyle Shanahan Explains Why 49ers Won’t Offer Julio Jones

“Yes, I mean, I think it’s as simple as you said. No one in the world doesn’t want a guy like that,” Shanahan said. “I mean, everyone knows he’s a player. But it’s not that easy. You have to build a team and not just year after year. You have to build it for the future, and you know, how hard do you think drafting is? You never know what you can do in an independent agency. who will you lose and who will you be able to enter? You have a lot of guys in one, year contracts, stuff like that.

“Everyone knows that we don’t have the first qualifying round. But what happens when you don’t have a second and fourth round? And you lose the number of people in the independent agency. Which you have no way of doing, of course, count on it? Then you end up in the draft. And you need to get six new positions. But all you have is to choose the third and fifth round.

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