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GoldenEye 007 N64 Game Gets HD Update Using Far Cry 5

What about Oddjobs?


N64 fans will probably remember hours of watching TV. Golden Eye 007 (and arguing over who cheated playing odd jobs) 1997 game is back to life! A type of YouTuber has created a version of Golden Eye 007 in Far Cry 5The level editor of Finally, the dream of playing this game and returning to the Silo map this time without the cluttered aiming system. can go on with life

KrollywoodA YouTuber who spent 1,400 hours remaking the iconic game spoke with Kotaku about it. In direct messages revealed that the game has all the levels of the 90s game except two bonus levels. Far Cry 5 It’s not the only game with level editing abilities, but for Krollywood it’s better because there are so many objects to choose from. And it clearly works in our favor because this version of Golden Eye 007 is hitting us in nostalgia


Image via Nintendo

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First-person shooter is a game that impresses generations with its revolutionary multiplayer deathmatch mode that sets the standard for future multiplayer games. The game also includes creative gameplay that requires more stealth than previous FPS games, which is sure to impress. golden eyes It was immensely popular with Nintendo 64 fans in the 90s and is still considered one of the best games of all time. And certainly one of the best movie-to-game adaptations ever.

In a Reddit comment, Krollywood said the levels are playable via arcade mode too. Far Cry 5You can search for the PSN username “Perfect-Dark1982”.

As a proper HD remaster of Golden Eye 007 Or the next console release seems more and more unlikely. This game is the next best thing. Now the question remains What is the best gaming mode? Our money is in The Man With the Golden Gun, you can find an overview of the levels below, plus how they compare to the original Kotaku game:


Image via Nintendo/Ubisoft.


Image via Nintendo/Ubisoft.


Image via Nintendo/Ubisoft.

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