It wouldn’t be a new hardware from Google without ever-increasing leaks.We’ve known for a while that the new Pixel Buds are in the works with budget-friendly price considerations in mind. The promotional email mix also showed us the new “Forest Green” color prior to any actual announcement. You can check out another rumor from the list: it looks like Google̵

7;s next Pixel Buds will have a locked name.

The name “Pixel Buds A” has been floating since March and seems to be going on as found by Caschys Blog Google Germany has added the listing to the search results for its own storefront, highlighting the Pixel Buds A-Series. As an option, although the name is slightly read and written, the ‘A’ designation after the product name to denote affordability follows the same naming structure for Google’s flagship phones, although they don’t. Same ring as the “Pixel 4a”, but it’s still nice to see the hardware lineup attached to the theme.

As for when the Pixel Buds A might actually show up, Google I / O is just weeks away. With the increased volume of leaks these new earbuds all look But it is guaranteed to show up.