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Google accidentally spills a green ‘Pixel Buds A’ in pushing emails

In an email sent to people on the Google Nest email list this morning, Google included a small image of the unannounced “Pixel Buds A” in the dark green color scheme we specifically revealed last week.

An email highlighting new features coming to Google devices includes a link to the Google Store at the bottom, with Pixel Buds A listed “Accessories”.

This small picture gives us our first look at the new full range of headphones, offering more subtle colors in both the wingtip earbuds and charging case. 9to5Google It is also aware of the white variant with similar shades. It will also move the external charging indicator to the top, too, rather than above the charging port of the 2nd generation Pixel Buds, the green Pixel Buds, the color on display is much darker than the currently offered Quite Mint, which will match the color. Greener of the forest than playful bluish green.

This early release in marketing materials follows the FCC listing of the new Pixel Buds-like devices, as well as information from our source regarding the product name.

With the title “Your Nest Device Just Upgraded”, the message is aimed at giving users the chance to know the new features coming to the Nest Hub, including voice photo sharing and easy control of smart devices. Up as well as the Apple TV app for Chromecast with Google TV, those capabilities were announced last week.

It is likely that an announcement from Google about the Pixel Buds A is ahead of schedule.

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