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Google acquires Dysonics for 3D audio startups.

Perhaps, in an effort to support future Pixel Buds or AR products, Google recently acquired Dysonics, a 3D audio startup.

Dysonics was founded in 2011 from the UC Davis Technology Incubator and started with a motion tracker for Google headphones that was launched in December of last year. The deal gave Google an IP and a patent right from the start. The financial information for the deal is not currently known.

More people than that measure Was the first to report on Google’s acquisition of Dysonics, although Google declined to comment on the acquisition. Google and two employees know they are developing. At the company, the first thought that comes to mind is Google̵

7;s Pixel Buds. Since 3D sound is a key feature of Apple’s AirPods Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro as well, Google should try something similar to do. Duplicate Pixel Buds in the future, that’s essentially speculation at the moment, as Buds haven’t been specifically mentioned yet.Nest speakers are another possibility. But it seems less likely due to Dysonics’ headphone expertise.

Dysonics explains that a proprietary algorithm generates 360-degree sound to mimic the sound that surrounds the speaker. But with headphones or earbuds

Since headphones are now the most widely used form of media listening, Dysonics has fundamentally changed the headphone’s audio system for more realism and realism.Dysonics uses a proprietary algorithm to create an audio experience. Immersive 360 ​​° over the headphones reproducing a natural effect from being surrounded by speakers in real space.

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