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Google adds guest mode to its Nest Hub, its assistant speaker.

To improve privacy on smart displays and speakers, Google recommends guest mode. Released today for Nest Hubs and other Google devices.

When guest mode is enabled, Google Assistant interactions are not saved to your account, and voice recordings from voice commands are automatically deleted.

Asking questions, smart home device control, scheduling, and music playback will still be available, Broadcast and Family Bell will also work with speed dials for household contacts. If the photo frame is set as the background, the photo will keep rotating.

At the same time, personal results such as calendar events and contacts will be automatically turned off. However, services like Google Maps, YouTube and Smarthome will still record guest mode activity.

“Hey Google, turn on guest mode.” It starts with a “special chime” play and empty profile icons appear all over the interface. You can confirm that “Guest mode is on”

; at any time, this feature will remain active until disabled. Anyone, including people who are not in your home, can say “turn off guest mode”.

Google imagines the guest mode is useful when you have others.It combines the ability to adjust the sensitivity of popular words and double the incognito mode:

Recently, I was searching for new recipes to surprise my family with New Year’s Eve dinner. But I don’t want those suggestions to show up on my smart display and spoil my plan. With guest mode on, I can get recipe recommendations from Google, knowing that research won’t appear in my bio, nor have to go through my settings manually or turn on and off other controls.

Guest mode on the Nest Hub and other first-party Home devices is rolling out in English today. It will be available in more languages ​​and devices in the coming months.

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