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Google can take steps with UWB support for the Pixel 6.

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credit: Robert Triggs / Android Agency

  • Google is reportedly working on UWB technology for the Pixel 6 series phones.
  • UWB is now available on the latest iPhones and Galaxy devices.
  • It allows for more accurate location tracking and smoother communication.

We’ve seen ultra wideband (UWB) technology appear on a number of smartphones in recent years, such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy, the technology allows tracking and communicating. The location is more accurate, and it looks like Google is joining the party too.

Now XDA-Developer Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman (h / t: 9to5Google) Tweeted that Google is testing Android 12’s UWB API on a device codenamed “Raven.” Rahman explained that Raven is the codename of Google’s next generation of silicon-based Pixel.

Mishaal Rahman UWB Pixel twitter

XDA A representative was unable to clarify whether the Raven is a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 XL or another Pixel device.It is also unclear what Google considers UWB to say so. 9to5Google Have a look at the open-source Android 12 code that shows how the system can determine the distance and angle of approach between two UWB-enabled devices. It added that UWB functionality appears to be limited to system apps for now.

We’ve seen both Apple and Samsung launch a UWB-powered tracking tag, essentially a more accurate version of the Tile’s track tag. So it’s possible that Google could release its own trackers as well. But Samsung has also partnered with automakers to enable UWB car keys.

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Xiaomi also demonstrated a UWB-powered smarthome function in October 2020, which allows users to simply point their phone at a UWB-equipped smarthome device to interact with it. On a neat touch, the device control menu on your phone will automatically change depending on which smart home device your phone is pointing at. And with Google’s stable smart speakers, smart displays, Nest security cameras, and more, the UWB appears to be a decent addition to smoother controls.

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