Google has always been serious about cloud storage. But that policy eventually began to change at the end of last year. In addition to the loss of free high-quality image uploads, all files created in the drive will begin counting towards your total storage allocation on June 1st, although this leaves most of us with just one click. A few months before these changes go into effect, Workspace and G Suite users will be extended by moving the dates for those accounts to February 1

, 2022.

A delay in this policy means that all files created in Drive, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard, will not be included in the Workspace account’s data quota until next year. Upload images will not be accepted. The impact of this change will continue to count against the repository starting on June 1, regardless of account type, as Google states that this extension for Workspace users is designed specifically to provide: The company has had time to use the new admin tool to manage and view data allocation. By February, administrators will be able to see how much space documents and other files take up within each drive.

When Google turns on the Workspace account next year, the same rules that came into effect for personal users in June will go into effect. Any unedited files created prior to February 2022 do not count towards the storage. But all new documents, along with the revised content, are included in the full use of your account information. Although it will take some time before Google launches new tools. But administrators can use the Workspace report to see how to separate user data.