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Google has reportedly made it harder to find Android privacy settings.

Google’s privacy practices on Android privacy are under attack following revelations from Arizona’s antitrust lawsuit over phone tracking, such as: insider Reports New unresolved documentation in cases suggesting Google made it harder to find Android privacy settings when Google tested operating systems that published privacy features. The company reports that it sees more use of these features as “problematic” and aims to implement them in its menu system.

An Arizona attorney stated that The tech giant is also “pressing” phone brands like LG to embed the popular location settings. Google officials further acknowledged that it would be difficult to stop the company from locating your home and work, and complained that there was “no way”

; to locate third-party apps without handing them over to Google.

We asked Google for comment in the past, saying that Arizona attorneys have “mischaracterized” their services and offered “strong” location privacy controls.

Google improved privacy late last year. Android 12 will include an approximate location option in addition to a privacy dashboard and other controls. The company may have a tough court battle. They suggest that Google is committed to collecting data even if Android users like it.

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