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Google is adding ‘guest mode’ to its smart speakers.

Starting today, Google smart speakers such as the Nest Hub and Nest Mini will have a new option called “Guest Mode.” A public Google Assistant terminal and is slightly less similar to your personal assistant.

When guest mode is on, search terms will no longer be saved to your Google account, and some personal information, such as your calendar, will not be displayed. However, the speaker will still be able to do basics like setting a timer, answering questions and playing music.

However, don’t think of it as a way to keep your personal information secure, turning off guest mode is as easy as asking the speaker to do it. Obviously, if you have guests coming to your home (which now: please don̵

7;t) they won’t accidentally see your calendar and nothing.

This feature is not quite as powerful as the incognito mode on your Chrome browser, although interactions are not saved. But the speaker still needs to be connected to your account to have access to all the integrations you have set up with music, smart lights, and more.

In other words, this isn’t a good solution for Airbnb hosts.Google has a welcome mode for speakers. But most of them are for hotels

When you exit guest mode, your question will be saved to your Google account again, but as the company announced in August that it will no longer save the default recording unless you Choose to allow it to do so.

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