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Google is committed to ‘Feel less glitchy’ Android 12 ripple

With the first beta at I/O, many of the changes consumers face in the next major version of Google’s mobile operating system have been revealed. The most controversial visual update in Android 12 is the ripple effect on tap. The company has heard feedback and is striving to improve it over future releases.

After installing beta 1 and tapping on any button Many users believe that the resulting animation is a graphical flaw. To them, the glitter looks more like an audio artifact than an intended effect. Some people think their display is problematic. While believing that the previous approach was faultless,

The change was intentionally made by Google, describing it as “part of the new Android 1

2 visual language” and Material You. For example, Google considers the associated overscroll effect to be more natural and natural.

People are using the Android 12 Quick Issue Tracker to send feedback, and there are 169 duplicates outside the main thread of which 263 are starred at the time of writing.

A day after the bug was first filed, the Android team acknowledged the issue and said it would. “Update this issue with additional information when available.”

On June 3rd, Google “marked fixed” and gave an official response:

Thank you very much for the comments. You will see continuous updates in beta 2, 3 onwards to make the ripples more sensitive and less distracting/misunderstood.

The company has clearly heard users respond to Android 12’s ripple effect and is committed to three rounds of general changes. We should see the first update in beta 2 this month based on the response.

in terms of role model The overscroll effect introduced in Developer Preview 3 is noticeably less noticeable in beta 1.

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