This Thursday is Earth Day, an annual event designed to drive all of us as a society to help make the world cleaner and greener. You can celebrate this occasion by being involved in your community, either by picking up street trash or turning off your lights for a little longer each day. No matter how you choose to help, you can get involved with this weird new Earth Day theme wallpaper from Google.

You can find these exclusive backgrounds in the Styles and Wallpapers menu on Pixel as long as you̵

7;re using a Pixel 3 or later.Since all three artworks were commissioned by Google and painted by artist Jeremyville, they are locked to the phone. However, you might be lucky to get a modified version of the Google Wallpapers app released last year. You can still download and save a 1080p copy from this tweet, although it obviously won’t be as sharp as what you can get from the actual source.

If you have a compatible Pixel phone and you’re interested in seeing if these backgrounds fit your style, you can find them in the. “Selected culture” of the wallpaper selection menu The new artwork includes six previously released pieces for International Women’s Day and Black History Month.