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Google Maps gets a mysterious update on Android and Android Auto

Google is always working to further refine Google Maps on both phones and cars. And after several big announcements at I/O 2021, the company is back with a series of app updates for Android and Android Auto.

And while the search giant doesn’t provide a changelog for these new releases, it doesn’t. But there’s a good chance they paved the way for new features revealed at Google’s biggest annual event.

First of all, let’s look at the new version.

Like I said, new versions of Google Maps have been released regularly over the past two weeks. It started with updates to 10.70.2 and 10.71.0 beta released on May 26. Since then, Google has released no fewer than seven new builds of Google Maps in stable and beta versions. So now users can download the app version 1

0.71.5 for production devices and 10.72.1 beta for testing.

For what’s new in these releases Obviously, Google still doesn’t really care. Because the company almost does not record any changes. As for the Google Maps update, that means users are on a mission to find something that has been improved.

But on the other hand, the I/O announcement gives us a more detailed look at what Google is working on today for the future of Google Maps.

For example, the company is trying to bring new detailed maps to more regions as Google wants an updated experience with crosswalks and everything available to more users. At the same time, Google Maps is also expected to gain support for creating safer routes to user-defined destinations by looking for hard braking zones.

According to Google, whenever Google Maps finds a hard braking zone on a particular route, The app also has an alternative that theoretically reduces the chance of accidents.

And last but not least, Google Maps has also gained a new feature to provide a personalized map for each user, focusing primarily on POIs they might be interested in, such as coffee shops and restaurants based on previous activity when running the app. Both on Android and Android Auto

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