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Google Photos is ending its free unlimited storage next week. This is what needs to be done.


Google is ending its free unlimited storage policy on June 1st.

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Google Photos will end its free unlimited photo and video policy over the next week. After June 1st, any new photos and videos you upload will count towards the free 15GB of storage that comes with every Google Account.But don’t worry: any photos or videos you uploaded before that date won’t. It’s part of the limit, and Google has added a new free tool to help you manage your storage quota.

The move, first announced in November, is meant to encourage people to subscribe to Google’s storage subscription service. Google OneThe Google One plan starts at $ 2 per month in the US for 100GB of storage and other features like a Google Store discount.

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It’s a good idea to make sure that your existing photos and videos are backed up. Google Photos Before Tuesday deadline, as these are considered free and excluded from storage limits, you can check the quality of your backups in the Photos app by visiting. Settings> Backup and sync.

When the change takes effect, more than 80% of current Google Photos users should still be able to store about 3 years of content with 15GB of free space.Google will notify you in-app and via email when you approach the 15GB limit. You can also get a personalized estimate of how long your free storage may last based on how often you back up photos and videos to your Google Account.

In May, Google added a new tool to the Photos app to help you manage your backed-up photos and videos that count towards your 15GB storage quota, showing photos or videos that you might want to delete, such as photos. That is blurred or large screenshots or videos to better manage your storage space.

The company said in November it has more than 4 trillion photos and videos uploaded each week. In May, Google introduced new Photos features, including files. Ability to delete photos from your memory. And new AI-powered techniques to bring your photos to life..

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