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Google released a surprise automatic Android update with an undisclosed change.

Google officially released Android Auto 6.4 in early May on the company’s usual schedule, once per month, so in theory the search giant is expected to ship a new version of the app in June.

But it seems that Android Auto 6.5 can be downloaded much faster than expected, although at first there was something special about this version.

First of all, the latest Android Auto build is 6.5.111908, but it’s worth noting that the package is called release.dailyThis is the first time Android Auto updates have used this approach and while Google doesn’t provide any information about the updates. But there̵

7;s a good chance this is an internal build that the company uses for testing and which is released to the public for its users.

If you keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of software, developers sometimes release their applications to users every day as part of testing programs to try to eliminate bugs and refine the experience. Of some new features before production opens

This is often used in browsers such as Google Chrome, where Google ships the daily build of the Canary app on a daily basis to allow power users to try out the features.

While there is no confirmation that this is the case with this mysterious Android Auto update, the release.daily tag. It is highly recommended so you should think twice before installing it on your device as such early releases tend to increase the probability of bugs.

In other words, you should wait for the next Android Auto update to appear in the Google Play Store on your device and then install it, especially if everything is currently working properly on your device.

We have contacted Google for more information on this release and will update the article if and when we receive a response.

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