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Google Released Play Store Navigation, New Settings Design

In 2019, Google Play Store received a new design of Material Theme, followed by dark mode. The next big update is here and will see new navigation as well as improved settings.

Once launched, a blue overlay will appear to highlight your profile picture in the top right corner. Your current account will appear at the top with others hidden until you tap Expand.Below that, Google will show your Play Points status with a progress bar.

The “My Apps & Games” page has not changed, but the “Library” is new and links to Wishlist, Google TV / Play Movies & TV and Play Books “Payments and Subscriptions” page have been included. Single along with “Play Protect”, “Notifications and Offers” and “Play Pass”

; were moved down relative to the previous navigation drawer position. However, a number of notifications will briefly appear in the search bar when you first open the app. The settings and help and suggestions summarize the list.

Overall, the new navigation shows how Google is retiring the Android navigation drawer, as it is not commonly compatible with gesture navigation.

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