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Google’s Confusing New Play Store Design Is Showing Up For More Users

Google recently redesigned the Play Store, eliminating the hamburger menu and moving most of the menu items to the account switcher in the top right corner. But it looks like the company hasn̵

7;t improved its distribution service yet. A screenshot of the revamped “My Apps” section appeared last month. And we don’t like it one bit. whether for better or for worse It seems that the new layout is starting to appear more and more to users.

when you go to the section You’ll see a collection of pending updates and recently updated apps on the first tab. This is a useful overview for those of us who still enjoy reading the changelog. If it exists in the app you use

Last month, a Redditor shared a picture of the section. The new Manage Apps & Devices page replaces the standard My Apps & Games page we know and love. It lost most of the tabs present in the old interface, for example. update, install, library, share, and beta Instead of giving you two parts — Overview and manage. If you want to quickly check for updates new default Overview The page is pretty useless. It will show you a few menu items and statistics about Play Protect storage used. Your rating and review and the option to share the app (Useful for those who live in markets with limited high-speed internet)

left: Overview middle: All installed apps right: Apps installed with updates Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Updating your app is just a small menu item. Another one where the Play Store tells you that “all apps are up to date” has an option to view details for pending updates along with an “Update All” button. The list of apps is now available. Instead, a “View recent updates” button will appear. Although it will now redirect you to manage tab

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this design — it’s already popping up in 2020, but it looks like it will disappear for most people shortly after. With this latest push It seems to come in various devices. more and more Now the two of us have dealt with it. It’s definitely a big change. You can swipe between Overview and manageInstead, you’ll need to tap each label above your app to switch between categories.

The move appears to be meant to prevent people from checking the Play Store for updates. Google previously removed notifications informing about automatic app updates that were completed. Forcing people who want to keep track of their changes to check the Play Store regularly or to disable automatic updates. It provides notifications about pending updates with an increasing number of Google and third-party developers. That switched to server-side updates that bring interface and behavior changes to the app without re-downloading. Easy access to app updates may no longer be a priority for many people.

Although the number of users began to increase But it still looks like a server-side update. If you like design and want to try your luck, grab the latest version of Play Store at APK Mirror.

The new design is already showing up in 2020 for some, before it’s mostly gone until now. We’ve updated coverage accordingly.

wider availability

More and more users are reporting that the new format is now available on their devices. Some AP agents have also seen the update on their phones. So we’ve updated it with new screenshots and a better understanding of how the menu works now that we’ve worked on it.

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