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Google’s new Play Store rules target misleading app lists

Over the past year, Google has made extensive policy changes in its Play Store to add real money gambling apps and address criticism over commission. But an update to the company’s latest guidelines aims to provide a preview to prevent users from being tricked into downloading the app. It is part of the new rule found by The VergeGoogle will effectively ban bad listing practices, including promotional strategies designed to make the app appear more engaging.

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For example, the new app metadata policy does not capitalize all words. (Unless it’s a brand name) and don’t use emojis in the app name. At the same time, developers will be forced to limit app names to 30 characters and will no longer be able to use graphics or text to trigger installs. Apps that violate the upcoming policy will not be allowed on the Play Store, Google said today. To help developers adapt to the new rules, the company will release more details in the coming months ahead of its enforcement later this year.

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Additionally, the new app preview content policy will take effect in the second half of 2021, which will affect graphics, features, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions used to demonstrate app functionality. To keep up with the changes, Google is telling developers to focus on accuracy and meaningful information rather than subjective terms like “free” or “best”. Localized and easy to read so users can accurately judge whether to install the app or not. Again, apps that don’t follow these guidelines will be penalized for their ineligible for promotions and recommendations.

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