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GOP candidate Michael Wood was defeated after anti-Trump, said the party ‘Did not live up to this moment’

“Right now the line in our politics seems to be between people telling the truth and those who have contributed to conspiracy theories, and that’s really unfortunate,” Wood told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day”. He added that he was concerned about the direction of the GOP. “It felt like we had gone through many different looking mirrors and we at parties against riots and lies were finding ourselves the candidates for the election. Seeing so sad about the party, it is sad. Commentary about the country “

Wood is a veteran and outspoken critic of Trump, Wood finished ninth in a crowded field for seats in the Congressional District that have been left unattended since the death of a GOP agent. Ron Wright Wood, who received about 3% of the vote, has urged Republicans to reject the former president and stop pushing for conspiracy theories like the 2020 election was stolen and QAnon he has had the support of Illinois Rep. Adam. Kinsinger, a Trump Vocalist critic in Congress.
The GOP's dedication to Trump threatens to destroy American democracy.

Ron Wright’s widowed Republican Susan Wright, endorsed by Trump, will advance the runoff of Republican Party Jake Elsey in a special election.

Wood’s loss is an indication of how firmly Trump’s adherence remained in the Republican Party as it regained control in Washington and involved the ongoing battle with the party. Fight to stay behind the former president or return to the ideal of the party.

Wood, who calls himself “Proud Republicans” told Berman that elected officials in the leadership position should. He also said the GOP “didn’t exist until now,” except for Kinzinger, No. 3 House Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, all of whom had separated from Trump.

“If you take office, and if you get elected to Congress, you have to be willing to lose it, you know, otherwise you can’t do the job. I think a lot of people have ego and ego. D them all The personalities linked to Congress and all the interests it goes with, I think they have to be willing to walk away, ”he said.“ And I think they have to think, not just about the election. Next time or in the next round, I think they have to think about history, I think they have to figure out how they will be judged and what you know. The future generations are going to talk about this time. “

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