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GOP-led Maricopa County Committee Ruling Elections Recalls ‘Scam’

The Republican-led Maricopa County Committee of Supervisors condemned the Senate-led GOP review of the county’s 2020 election results as “deceptive” in a letter on Monday.

In a letter to GOP senators announcing the committee would end all cooperation with the GOP senators’ efforts, the committee accused the state senators of allowing the state of Arizona to become. “Laughing at” as they pursue false claims of election corruption committed by the past. President TrumpDonald Trump Franklin Graham said Trump’s return would ‘It’s very difficult to do’ man suspected in wife’s disappearance allegedly threw her ballot over Trump, Stephanik: Cheney is ‘looking back’ more..

“You’re taking pictures of the illegal ballot that the Senate helped make legislation, and you’re sending them to places and unidentified people. You’re losing control over your Twitter account over and over again,” he said. Tweeting things that seem like a goofy rant. The child is not a serious message of serious investigation. “The writing board.

“I will not respond to any requests from this fraudulent process. Finish your investigation and be ready to defend what you find in court, ”President Jack Sellers (R) added at a board meeting Monday, according to The Washington Post.

The blister letter issued Monday by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is just the latest example of local GOP officials seizing the former president’s unproven claims about the 2020 election as well as Brad Raffensperger. Georgia’s foreign secretary last year amid Trump’s efforts to overthrow it. The results of that state

On the other hand, many GOP elected officials nationally remain convinced that anomalies or fraud occurred during the 2020 election, or refused to explicitly state their position in the months since their birth. The riot in the US government. As hundreds of Trump supporters raided the building hoping to stop endorsing the 2020 election results and after, many GOP lawmakers voted in favor of some of the same objections.

Trump himself supported his efforts to overturn his setbacks. He recently told crowds at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that if Arizona investigations reveal fraud, other states will do the same.

“Let’s see what they found. I wouldn’t be surprised if they saw tens of thousands of votes, ”Trump said earlier this month.

“After that, we’re going to look at Pennsylvania and you look at Georgia, then you’re going to see Michigan and Wisconsin and you’re watching Hampshire,” he added.

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