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Gottlieb says “ledger side” indicates lab-grown coronavirus has

Washington — Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration said on Sunday that The “ledger side” that indicates COVID-19 Probably caused by a laboratory in Wuhan, China, continues to grow. Due to the controversy over the origin of the virus last week.

“The challenge is that the ledger side that says this might come out of the lab has continued to expand. And the ledger side says this could come from animal-to-human sources. Really coming from nature, still doesn’t move,” Gottlieb said in an interview with “Face the Nation”

;. You could argue that that side of the ledger shrinks. Because we have done an exhaustive search for so-called intermediate hosts, which are animals that may have been exposed to the virus before it spreads to humans, we have not found any such animals.”

Focusing on the origins of COVID-19 Another time came after the Wall Street Journal reported that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. He was hospitalized in November 2019 after falling ill. However, China did not report the first case of the coronavirus until December 2019.

President Biden announced Wednesday that he has ordered the US intelligence community to “increase” efforts to investigate the source of COVID-19 and has set a 90-day deadline to “collect and analyze data that could bring us closer. A clearer conclusion.” How did the pandemic begin?

Meanwhile, the president received reports from the intelligence community earlier this month exploring whether COVID-19 was caused by human-to-infected animal contact or from laboratory accidents. There is a division between the intelligence agencies. Mr Biden said

Gottlieb said the theory that the source of the coronavirus was a bazaar in Wuhan was He stressed that China could provide evidence to help determine its origin. Including blood samples from lab workers in Wuhan. Source strains and early viral samples that can be sequenced

“If we assess the possibility or possibility of this coming out of the lab. It will affect the way we respond to this,” he said. “We will need to focus our efforts on better control in this type of high-risk research in the future. and better regulated for these BSL-4, a high-security lab where this research was conducted.”

Gottlieb said lab leaks are not rare and “accidents” have occurred even in the United States. But he said it was important to understand the possibility of the coronavirus coming out of the lab to gain international attention on such facilities, including from intelligence agencies.

“We also have to look at public health through the lens of national security,” he said. Covid hurts the US more than any other country hurts.”

The pandemic has affected the US economy. had to stop last year because the states ordered the residents to stay home and businesses Doors closed to alleviate the spread of coronavirus, more than 594,000 deaths in the United States. According to a report from Johns Hopkins University

Gottlieb Says Knowing the Origin of COVID-19 May Not Affect US Response to the pandemic And it speculates that further investigations will lead to the (uncertain) probability of how the virus will develop.

“We may not be able to really pinpoint it exactly. whether this came out of the lab or not,” he said. “I think what we should end up with is an assessment. probability Unless we are very lucky and find an intermediary. We found a herd of civet cats or pangolins that were plague and probably first. leak into humans Or we have a whistleblower in China or a regime change. which we will not happen I don’t know if we’ll find out with confidence that this came from the lab.”

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