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‘Gotzilla vs. Kong’ has given the most viewers ratings for HBO Max to date: Samba TV – Deadline.

Third-party streaming rating company Samba TV reported Monday that 3.6 million households watch Warner Bros / Legendary’s at least 5 minutes. Godzilla vs. Kong On HBO Max, in the first five days of the photos on the website from March 31 to April 4.

While HBO Max does not provide any official audience figures. Godzilla with Kong, Earlier data from Samba showed that the fourth audience outnumbered the previous HBO Max movies in the first four days: the Christmas weekend’s release. Wonder Woman 1984 With 2.2 million US households (At least five minutes) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League Which clocked 1.8 million HBO Max households in the United States. (At least five minutes)

Please note that Samba TV will only survey viewers from terrestrial smart TVs. However, the information on Godzilla vs. Kong Support Sunday̵

7;s claim by WarnerMedia Direct-to-Consumer EVP and General Manager Andy Forssell that the film “has had a greater audience than any other movie or show on HBO Max since its release.”

Godzilla vs. Kong propels domestic box office out of the Great Depression with $ 48.5 million 5-day opening

What Warner Bros. reports in its purest form about Godzilla vs. Kong Is that it grossed $ 48.1 million at the domestic box office (enhanced by Comscore) in its first five days; Its undeniable hit heralds the film’s return after the close of exhibitions and a year-long impairment from the epidemic.

Forssell also added about Sunday. Godzilla vs. Kong “The HBO Max audience spoke very loud and clear, they loved the movie and watched it more than once.”

There is no doubt that Warner Bros acts as the protagonist here to bring back audiences from different states to theaters too. Godzilla vs. Kong At a time when the outbreak was setting a shadow for the movie. It’s also a great box office hit by Warners considering that only 55% of the US-Canada exhibition market is operating. The combination of activity titles and the weekend where 76% of the kids drop school on Friday. Godzilla vs. Kong Soaring above the industry’s five-day weekend pre-forecast, which was in the $ 20M to $ 30M range.

The success of the BO in the country of Godzilla vs. Kong There are several points: First, it is clear that young men (64%, 52% under 25) do not turn their backs on watching movies.

Next, the theatrical performance will outperform HBO Max’s subscriber / audience count if the audience it serves is alive.Why wouldn’t WarnerMedia disclose any numbers, despite the slightly apples-to-oranges comparisons? HBO Linear and HBO Go also garnered 19.6 million viewers for the series finale. Game of thrones As of May 2019 (13.6M of the numbers are from the Linear 21:00 ET broadcast).

In the same breath, several rival box office sources insist that more money can be made here. Godzilla vs. Kong If not on HBO Max, I have HBO Max and Regal on the side of the road that are playing. Godzilla vs. Kong But there is no need to spend $ 80 on a family of four to get to the movies, as I can mainly watch on HBO Max for free. Now, if I don’t have HBO Max, or if I don’t have a home cinema option, I’ll be in the cinema to watch. Godzilla vs. KongHBO cost me $ 15 per month for me to look at my entire streaming catalog, and my simple example here is proof that WarnerMedia loses $ 80 on BO (or $ 40 if you want to be technical. About the amount of cash rent that the studio insists on earning). It can also be argued that the people who watch Godzilla vs. Kong At home, it’s not often a movie-goer to begin with. But why did they give away the name of the premium event? Better to fuel up to expectations. Godzilla vs. Kong And make everyone at home wait

In fairness, Warners would say that their HBO Slate, Theatrical Days and Theatrical dates are for this year only due to the outbreak and have reached an agreement with Regal, honoring the special theatrical timeline. 45 days for the year 2022 etc. etc.

But it’s important to note the cannibalism that streaming-drama releases, day-and-date, can bring to the BO for professional Wall Street analysts to take on this past weekend’s success. of Godzilla vs. Kong As proof that this new format actually works

I heard that the HBO Max members watched it. Godzilla vs. Kong Twice can only make the attendees cringe: After fighting to stay alive from mid-March last year, those who lost admissions that movie theater owners will never see. My source predicted that as more event titles involved in the staging window overflowing with the calendar, the more difficult it would be to stream dates and dates to the book screen. We are still in pandemic anomaly, with the number of seats (NYC not moving more than 25%) and 45% of US-Canadian theaters remain closed.

Samba TV added today that there were 225K UK households watching. Godzilla vs. Kong And the fourth show, directed by Adam Wingard, set the record for the largest single-day viewership in both the US and UK on March 31.

Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

Of the audience Godzilla vs. Kong In the US, there are too many audiences for those making <$ 50,000 as well as younger (under 45) and black (24%) and Hispanic viewers (26%). Of the top 25, Sacramento indexed too much (+ 40%) followed by Chicago (+ 23%) by comparison. WW1984 There was too much indexing among households making more than $ 100K, as well as households with people aged 25-54, Hispanic households (+ 17%) and Asian households (+ 14%) by the end of 2020. WW1984 It is overclocked 3.03 million households per Samba TV.

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