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Gov. Kemp loosens COVID-19 restrictions in Georgia, businesses and consumers respond – WSB-TV Channel 2

Atlanta – Starting today, restaurant tables in Georgia could be closer to each other, more people could gather, and vulnerable residents should no longer be at home due to Brian Kemp’s government. Release the COVID-19 restriction

Kemp said it was part of an effort to show that “Georgia is open to business”. He announced last week Reverse most of the restrictions that were made in the last year.

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Luke Braden is preparing to reopen McCray’s Tavern’s East Cobb location, just as it had a lockout last year.

The restaurant was soon in takeout mode, with menu restrictions due to supply chain delays and seating restrictions in the summer.

Now he is preparing to the best of his ability as the state’s COVID restrictions end up in Georgia.

“It opened up everything for us,” said Braden, the restaurant’s general manager, “bringing us back to the community. Let everyone return with hope “

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The previously limited capacity guidelines for indoor seating will no longer apply, allowing Georgia restaurants and other businesses to host larger parties. The reverse keeps the tables up to 42 inches apart compared to the previous six-foot barrier.

Orders for on-site shelters, which continue to restrict visits to elderly care facilities, are also reversing.

The ban of 50 or more gatherings has also ended, as Kemp said, a relaxing step is the key to a return to “normal life”.

The reverse comes with mixed reactions from different businesses and consumers, indicating they will move forward at different paces as experts continue to track Georgia’s vaccination rates and the evidence. Of different cases, at this point nearly three million Georgians received at least one vaccine.

“We are not yet in a position to declare victory,” said data analyst Dr. Amber Schmidtke. “We have only a small percentage of the Georgia population fully vaccinated.”

“We cannot let go of masks and social aloofs until we reach that herd’s immunity threshold,” she added.

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About a mile from McCray’s Tavern is Sterling Estates’ East Cobb location, an elderly care facility with 400 residents.

“This is a turn to a new, brighter and more dynamic period for residents, employees and their loved ones,” said Nathan Madigan, Sterling Estates vice president of operations.

The facility, Madigan said, is in a unique location as it is the only place in the state that also serves as a direct vaccine supplier, Madigan said.Many residents have begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel, Madigan said. As a result, more than half of the staff and 96% of its residents are now vaccinated through the program.

“We really felt like we were in a safer spot,” said Madigan, who added the facility to share both indoor and outdoor visits.

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Braden, surrounded by masked servers and a distant indoor lunch patron, said he still wanted customers to know they were concerned with safety.

“We are still at the forefront of trying to maintain as much hygiene as possible,” he said.

On Thursday afternoon, Becky Kellogg was happy to enter the restaurant with her mask to take out. She said that is how she will continue to support the business as she is still uncomfortable with the idea of ​​internal empowerment.

“It seems a little early as cases are still a little bit more and not everyone gets the first shot,” said Kellogg.

In the same parking lot, a young Fulton County woman wrapped up shopping.

“I got my first and second vaccinations. But I still think we might just jump the gun a little bit, ”Jacquelyn Mann said.

Mann noticed her concerns with variables in the state and learned more about how effective her vaccinations would be against them.

Her motto at this time was simple.

“Be a positive person but still have to be careful”

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