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Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas would build a border wall amid Biden’s ‘intentionally disregarding the law’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that his state had allocated $1 billion in the fiscal year to border security, telling “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday that he would use part of the money to Construction of a US-Mexico border wall started by Donald Trump but was quickly stopped by President Biden.

Abbott, who joined the project from the border near Del Rio, said he was not sufficiently interested in the White House’s “willfulness” of the rule of law and the welfare of Texas and Americans. especially in areas like Del Rio and other border cities.

“To make a good point We have to build a border wall,” Abbott said. “I̵

7;ve been here to talk to the people of the Rio Grande Valley and the way they were invaded is disgusting. It’s a very bad thing that Biden’s management has done.”

Abbott Condemns Biden for Termination Policy “Still in Mexico” that Trump forged with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, preventing some influx of immigrants as they were ordered to apply for asylum in Mexico before crossing to U.S.

“[Trump] The border wall began to be built, and all of a sudden it disappeared. and as you highlighted It has greatly increased the number of people crossing the border. But not just with the company’s minors. Its people were very damaging and damaging. Residents here in Del Rio as his men go up and down the entire border,” Abbott said.

Under the declaration of emergency, Abbott noted that the Texas Department of Public Safety could increase penalties for crimes such as trespassing, which would increase the number of arrests by police for illegal immigrants encroaching on Texans territory.

“We will take this matter seriously. We will do everything we can to maintain our borders. including building a border wall,” he said, adding that he would share details about the effort next week.

Abbott continues to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris’ ineffective tactics against border security. By calling the government’s behavior “willful” and worse.

“[I]t aim It is a disregard for border laws. Immigration laws, border communities, directly against anyone in the United States,” he said.


“The Biden government has abandoned its borders. [and] Pretending to have border security Pretending to enforce our immigration laws They laughed the same way the Vice President laughed in the interview the day before. So it’s a joke for Biden’s management..”

Harris was clearly stunned when NBC News anchor Lester Holt recently asked her about the crisis at the border.

“But we don’t see it as a joke in Texas. We will step up and respond to how we must respond to maintain the sovereignty of our state. to prevent an attack that happens right before our very eyes,” Abbott added.

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