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Groom-to-be offers the bridesmaids instead of money that would be paid to the musicians at the wedding.

It turns out that wedding service providers actually want to get paid for their work.

A common problem for people working in the wedding industry is those trying to get free services. Weddings are expensive and many couples love not to pay for their photographers. Although it is common for people to offer the opportunity to return to work at a wedding. But one groom seems to have come up with a new strategy.

The wedding musician recently shared a story on Reddit̵

7;s forums about a man trying to hire him for an upcoming wedding. Posted under the name Megabollockchops The musicians shared a screenshot of the text conversation.

The groom will begin by explaining the difficult times due to the outbreak, then asking if the actor will have the wedding. The groom will then make an unexpected offer.

BRIDESMAIDS pranked the bride wearing CROCS after she banned her shoes.

“If you fancy showing (Wedding songs “the groom will speak “I’ll tell you the story of a grub and a few beers, and I’ll put some nice words to it. bridesmaid…”

The musician replied “That’s a very good deal. But sadly, this outbreak affected me and I had to raise my money, hopefully your day will be amazing. ”

Amazingly, the conversation didn’t end there.

The groom will reply, “I’m sorry, but I can’t really answer. I think she’ll divorce me if I don’t get you.”

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However, the singer is apparently not able to provide an answer yet and is likely not performing at this wedding.

Not surprisingly, the commenters could not believe the groom’s arrogance.

“I dug it up when people use the phrase” can’t get an answer. “In a situation where it doesn’t depend on them,” one user wrote.

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Another user added, “If you can’t answer” no, “it looks like you have to pay the” yes “price.

“I wonder what the bride would think of her fiancé trying to fool her friends in order to pay the musicians,” read another comment.

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