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GTA 5 graphics are currently supported by advanced AI at Intel.

Intel Labs, the research center of the technology company of the same name, created a new process for improving the image – and demonstrating it using the Grand theft auto 5This process converts standard footage from games into lifelike imagery using a very complex process involving AI, according to a former member of the team.

Most of the information and findings of the Intel Labs team at the time of building this new image enhancement technique are available on the project page on Intel’s website and a very detailed white paper. However, to make things easier to understand, the team also created a video showing off some of the improved movement steps and footage from the game.

The video shows a side-by-side comparison between the standard world of GTA 5 And an improved version created by Intel Labs, the enhanced visuals are particularly impressive in terms of detail – reflections from car windows, luster of hues, lush green grass in earlier heather and foliage on trees. Arid

The secret weapon of the Intel team is a review process performed at the end of each frame optimization. The validation measures the accuracy of each frame against the real-life image to ensure that the process continues to meet the established criteria for virtual quality.

Additionally, the video provides a detailed explanation of how the process works, and it also provides some visual assistants that make it clearer – but you should expect to grapple with some technical and technical jargon.

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