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Guilty Gear Strive’s second open beta test has been confirmed and the lobby change details.

New Developer’s Backyard provides insights after previous beta.

The second open beta test for the Guilty Gear Strive after the game was delayed last month, and we finally seem to have confirmation of the existence of the next iteration.

Arc System Works now has released Developer̵

7;s Backyard 4 for Strive, more in-depth in future beta, including the changes they plan to bring to the game’s poorly received lobby system.

“We are planning a second open beta test based on player feedback” read the bottom of the developer’s post. “The time hasn’t been set yet, so please stay tuned for future updates.”

Considering the new Strive release date of June 11th, the latest ArcSys might have a chance to get this bonus so we can play the game again in early May, so the date should be down any time now.

The developers said they would like to use the beta once the planned lobby changes are complete.

Strive’s online lobbying system was the lowest-rated mode in post-beta surveys, with over 50 percent of respondents currently rated it as bad or terrible.

In an effort to resolve the issues raised in the latest beta, ArcSys said they are going to apply the following changes to the updated lobby:

• Changed to a system where players select the visible area where they want the match to be played.

• After winning a match, the player will be ready for battle unless the rating is changed.

• Adding race options.

• Expanded areas in each lobby, add an option to hide the message display and add dashed motion for the avatar.

These modifications are likely to make Strive’s lobby run similarly to the developer’s previous titles, although they seem to stick to 2D and multilevel modes clearly.

Not confirmed in a post here. But the Guilty Gear Strive release chart appears to show that a second beta will be available to PlayStation owners with digital pre-orders, allowing for a day early access.

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