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Gun-Based Drinking Game Catches Up On Belize Police Chief’s Death Linked To US Society

Police are investigating whether the British billionaire’s daughter-in-law is playing a drinking game with the Belize Police Chief. when he was shot dead The new report states

Jasmine Hartin, 38, an American who is married to the son of businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft, has been drinking with San Pedro superintendent Henry Gemott for a while. A few hours before his body was found in the waters off the island of San Pedro with a single gunshot wound. behind his right ear on Friday, the Times of London reported.

Investigators now believe the pair were playing games with Gemmott’s pistols at the docks before things went horribly wrong. A police source told the newspaper.

The newspaper reported that Hartin was found “Very shocked and shaken”

; by security guards who heard gunfire. newspaper report

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Police have removed Jemmott’s service weapon from the port.

The victim’s sister, Marie Jemmott Tzul, 55, said she was told Sunday night that charges would be filed against Hartin in his death, the Daily Mail reported.

“I picked up the phone and said that I would be charged. [Monday]But they didn’t say what she would be charged with,” Tzul told the news agency.

Edward Fitzgerald A lawyer in London, who was not involved in the case, said if Gemmott was accidentally killed as a result of Hardin is likely to face a manslaughter charge, the Times reported.

He said the death sentence in Belize came with harsh penalties, with a 25-year prison sentence being the most serious.

But he added that “There is a chance in these types of cases where the officer can determine that the death was entirely due to an accident and no charges were made.”

Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams said: “We must consider the investigation with an open mind. but until now We don’t have any indications yet. to suggest that there is a third actor.”


He said Hartin, who was detained and refused to cooperate with investigators, was a prime suspect.

“Without an explanation … she would have to be treated like a murderer,” he said.

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