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Halle Berry opened up about being raised by a white mother.

“It’s very important.”

As a young girl, Halle Berry has enjoyed watching a successful black actress, taking on roles in movies and TV shows since. Catwoman The star was raised by a white mother, she truly desires to find someone with whom she can relate.

“It’s very important,” Berry explains in a PBS documentary. American Masters: How does it feel to be free?. “I tried really hard to find a picture of a black woman or woman I could identify with.”

Until the cast saw Diahann Carroll in. Julia That she is aware of the type of woman she wants to be

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“Seeing Diahann Carroll staring in the show and playing a beautiful, educated nurse mother just rearranged me,” says Berry. That looks like I want to be when I grow up every week. ”

At that time, Carroll was the perfect role model Berry needed in her life.

“I’m a black kid raised by white women, so I don’t have those pictures in the house,” she says. “It’s very important to me to meet them on television and in movies.”

Carroll served in Julia This made Berry want a career in the entertainment industry. And as a result, Berry is one of the most successful actors to date.

When she appeared in the movie, she told the other black children they could too.

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