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Halle Berry provides an update on the controversial Bob Cut debuted at the Oscars – SheKnows.

When Halle Berry debuted a stunning bob hairstyle at the Oscars red carpet, it divided fans into professional and hard-headed people. notI’ll admit I wasn’t headed for her new look. But i mean it Halle berry After all – is there any look she can’t pull off? Even Berry got in on Twitter and laughed at the reaction her ultra-short new hairstyle made online. So, you can imagine our surprise when we found out that the joke happened to us and Berry’s appearance was just temporary. Yes, the actress shared a photo on Instagram with a smile, with her long locks still the same, meaning that the Oscar she debated was probably the result of a wig that Carefully placed, see for yourself:

Lady Gaga.

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“Oscar Bob… kidding 😂,” Berry captioned her post, along with a gorgeous selfie of her smiling.

While many fans in the comments wrote “Thank God,” others commented that her haircut at the Academy Awards was proof that Berry was able to pull off the look, which is the only way. That’s right, “😂… Some people are negative about bob hair! Lil knows! 😂😂😂 She was able to pull anyone looking away… 🥰, ”one comment reads.

Another user said, “Even if you’re not, I don’t understand why people stumble so hard. Don’t know, they haven’t been voted? Personally, I love it, edgy and super cute ❤️ ”Long or short hair, the Oscar-winning actress is one that stuns – all the time.

After sharing the picture, Berry took to Twitter to write a message to her fans, “Love you and your meme xx.”

We love that Berry doesn’t take itself too seriously and can enjoy the internet every time. Berry’s Oscars 2021 look is finally available for everyone to see and be talked about, and we’re willing to bet that’s what she means for it.

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