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Hannity urged McConnell to deny the lawsuit. ‘Madness’ in the Senate: ‘you better know’

Fox News host Sean Hannity called on Republican Senators. “Stop activating psychopathic and mindless democratic socialists” and reject “crazy” lawsuits when it reaches the Senate next week.

“All Republican senators have to stand up to the frenzy of impeachment after the president and reject it,” “Hannity” moderator told the audience on Wednesday night.

“You shouldn’t be part of this circus.”

Hannity has a specific warning for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who reportedly He “made it to Trump”

; and shared with colleagues that he thinks a second impeachment could help the GOP expel the Trump association from their party.

Trump becomes the first president to be hit a second.

“Republican Senate, you want to act with this nonsense, 75 million Americans go to the polls [and] I would argue that they go there for Donald Trump rather than Republicans. “They should think why people vote for Donald Trump, why they support his agenda.”

“And Mitch McConnell, you should know better …” he continued, “this nonsense in the Senate will get this country nowhere, it won’t heal the schism, it won’t make life. Of the American people better It will divide the country away for weeks from one of the most hotly contested races in history. ”

Council of these 10 people voted for IMPEACH TRUMP.

Hannity was later chaired by Republican Republican Liz Cheney R-Vayo, who joined nine other Republicans in the vote on the Trump impeachment. Charged with “Encourage a rebellion”

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“Liz Cheney, I have a message to ten Republicans. Good luck in your new Democrat,” Hannity said. “I used to like you, like your father, you voted to have an impeachment. You are obviously stepping aside from the Republicans and conservatives in this country.

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