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Hans Küng, Catholic theologian with powerful criticism, dies at 93.

Shortly after Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who led the campaign against Dr. Küng became Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. He invited Dr. Küng to his summer residence in Castel Gandalfon, Rome. Pope John Paul II rejected Dr. John’s request. More than a dozen Küng for meetings

Küng and Cardinal Ratzinger became friends when Dr. Küng recruited Cardinal Ratzinger to a professorship at the University of Tübingen in 1965. They parted ways with a student protest in 1968 that shocked Cardinal Ratzinger. Küng referred to the cardinal, the head of the Vatican office responsible for the protection of the Orthodox church, as “Big Investigator”

; or “Head of KGB”

However, after Cardinal Rat Singer became Pope, the two enjoyed dinner at the Pope’s summer residence after agreeing to disagree. Pope Benedict applauded Dr. Küng In restoring the dialogue between faith and natural science, Dr. Küng honored the Pope for access to other religions.

But after Benedict’s resignation from the Pope in 2013, Dr. Küng suggested that the Pope step away from “modernism” and that the church needs more progressive leadership.

“In such a remarkable situation the church needed a medieval pope who did not live intellectually, which did not support the medieval theology, the liturgy, or any church constitution,” he wrote. The Pope who stands for the freedom of The churches in the world don’t just give sermons. But it fights with word and action for freedom and human rights within the church, a feminist theologian for all Catholics who want to speak the truth openly. ”

The image of Dr. Küng is clearly unconventional in appearance. He’s athletic and handsome, he wears a crisp business suit, not a priest’s collar, and drives a sports car. On his trips to the United States, he sometimes appeared on television talk shows, and his youthful style made it compare to President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy

Dr. Küng likes to call it “Professor” or “Doctor” or “Normal Hans Kung”, explaining that the name “Father” is not used in German-speaking lands.

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