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Harrison was voted Biden’s DNC chair.

For many state party officials, still harboring frustration over the DNC’s decline during the Barack Obama administration, choosing Harrison was a relief.

About 70 state party chairs and vice presidents sent a letter to Biden’s transition team in November that, although he had not named him. But it specifies the properties “Matches all Jaime’s resume and experience,” as one of them states.

These party leaders view Harrison as one of them, former chairman of the state board, who will lead the decentralized DNC and advocate for plowing money to organize at the state level. South Obama


7;s pick was a foreseeable conclusion, with members of the DNC seeing him as a top runner for months and no nominees were made.

The DNC’s rise to the top is a sign of the South’s growing influence in the Democratic Party, which is likely to expand even further after Sens. Elections – elected Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

But also a sign of influence. Clyburn, a member of South Carolina’s state congressional and leading ally Biden, helped revive the 2020 presidential campaign by endorsing him before the state began.

Claiburn Pushing Harrison both in public and behind the scenes, including speaking to Biden about the position. Harrison was previously an employee of Clyburn.

Biden and his team were very close to the DNC during the presidency, with officers in both operations attending each other’s conference calls, and their respective leaders often coordinated the field forces and Send a message

“Jaime will help make sure that all 57 states and territories have the funds we need. But will only win the election But it also needs to build on the infrastructure that we need to manage throughout the year, ”said Nebraska Democratic Party President Jane Keleb.“ We can’t be the top parachute in resources at the last minute. ”

Tina Podlodowski, President of the Washington Democratic Party, said: “We’re all excited” about Harrison, and as “the former chairman of the state party, he clearly understands the issues we need to address.

DNC members will vote for chairs and other titles between Jan. 18 and Jan. 21 with electronic ballots, due to concerns about COVID-19 when Democrats win the White House. It is a ceremony to ratify the presidential election.

One of the challenges the party will face in the years to come is raising money with President Donald Trump not in office to mobilize donors. Harrison, who challenged Sen. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) last year, was unsuccessful, has shown a knack for raising funds. During a Senate run, he received $ 131 million, a statistic for a room candidate.

But some Democrats have questioned whether his ability to reap large sums while running against leading left-wing scammers will translate into funding for the DNC, Democrats must. It faced an uphill battle in the 2022 elections, when the party governing the White House often suffered losses.

“Of course we want to help President Biden, but the 2022 House and Senate race and governor will be the main focus of the DNC,” said Carol Fowler, a South Carolina Democrat who said. Said Harrison’s close friendship. Acknowledging the funding challenges for the party in power, “Jamie can, he can. Those of us who know him know that he will be a great leader and he will focus on those races. ”

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