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Harry and Megan might be. “Leave for good,” after doing so, an insider said.

There may be signs of the onset of reconciliation during Prince Harry and Prince william that Prince PhilipThe funeral of when the estranged brothers were seen talking as they walked together after serving. But according to a source with ties to the dynasty, also in a precarious position for more than Harry. The people of the palace said the severely damaged relationship of the prince with Prince charless It could give the hope of a future official role in the Duke of Sussex within the family and, in the end, the royal family cut ties with Sussex for good.

Harry met his father and brother in brief (about. Duchess Catherine Sitting part of the talk) after Philip̵

7;s funeral, but the Duke of Sussex rejected his father’s offer to meet face to face before he returned to California. Harry allegedly told Charles that he had. “Tight schedule” before heading home Duchess MeghanWho are pregnant with their second child and son Archie Mountbatten – Windsor. Harry left the UK before one day. Queen elizabeth95th birthday was the first time she spent as a widow.

“Everything that has happened since the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh has But it will only make matters worse for every small step, there are two backwards, ”an insider said. Best life. “Prince Welsh had a vision that the house will be like in the future and if things continue to go as is, or worse – Harry and Megan could not be part of the” Read More. to find the last time the cause of Harry’s relationship with the royal family, which may result in worse, he and his wife had “abandoned” the source said. And for more information on the Duke of Sussex, see Why Diana’s friends were scared, Harry made this “unthinkable” decision.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and Megan Duchess of Sussex.
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In addition to Harry’s decision to leave the British fleet during the period of mourning for the royal family has announced. “Revised edition” of Finding freedom, Biography written by Caroline Durand and OmidscobiWill be released in August this time with blindfolded royal family again. The book, written by an individual within reach of Sussex, was seen as sympathetic to Harry and Megan too.

While the Sussex residents claimed they were not collaborating with the authors in the first edition, the stories of their courtship, weddings and first month as their senior royal were very detailed. (One note says Meghan talks to a friend on the phone while taking a shower.) The courtiers believed that the couple’s friend who spoke to the author did so with Sussexes permission.

“Charles was very angry to have to edit the version of Harry and Megan again, which will cause more damage to the family, certainly, and Harry was not talking about this,” said a source. In the royal family said Best life “Dynasty shocked with what Harry said about wanting reconciliation events seem to indicate the contrary, absolutely.”

If the first version of Finding freedom It is indicative of the details about the intimate lives of Harry and Megan in California will certainly be revealed book. Written at the height of the escalating battle between the Sussexes and the royal family, the new edition now tends to contain remarkable details about the events surrounding the Queen’s decision to dismiss the hair name. Ri leaves the remainder of his military post, declaring the couple that they are not returning to the royal life and that the decision will be made. Oprah Winfrey interview.

“If Harry and Megan was shown again as a victim – but this time the victory of life, oppression of them as family elders why Charles wants to include them in a future king. Thipthai? ”Asked one of the royal insiders. For more information about family members who made him feel cold to find out why the three dynasties, it was not willing to forgive Prince Harry, the source said.

Megan Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex, attended Royal Ascot Day 1 at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2018 in Ascot, United Kingdom.
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In an interview with talkRADIO on April 19, the royal biographer Angela Levin “Prince Charles had long wanted to lower the monarchy in order to save money and make the people worth the money they get from taxpayers.” King Levin believed that “That may be when Harry and Megan had been abandoned by members of the royal family.”

According to Daily Mail A scaled-down version of “The Firm” might just be Charles. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, William, Kate and children –Prince George, Princess Charlotteand Prince Louis– is a senior dynasty In this case, other family members may be encouraged to do more traditional work to help support themselves (as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Finished).

It could even mean the loss of their position and patronage.When Eugenie and Beatrice were cut from the royal claims, they lost personal collateral funded by British taxpayers and were given Coverage is only available during official family events. Royal Guard Security is provided by a special branch of the London Metropolitan Police Department called Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP), according to Daily express Total royal protection costs about £ 100 million (or $ 138 million) per year.

“I look at the royal family from a business perspective. Post-COVID is all about business, and we know that a lot of companies look at their employees and say,” It’s all about business. ” ‘Who has the highest value?’ journalist Deborah Clay Said in the morning show The sun rises (past express). “Princess AnnePrince Charles and the Queen themselves, they are doing a lot of missions, they are very active. You look at Harry and Megan, and they, too, but it was many things to benefit themselves. “

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan’s highly publicized multi-million dollar deal with Netflix and Spotify gave them the financial freedom they were looking for, leaving their roles as senior royalty. “They lived as Hollywood in a £ 11m mansion in California doing things that didn’t benefit the royal family,” the source said. Best life“There is no reason for them to be considered in a small circle of senior royals.” And for more information about what went wrong with the Duchess of Sussex, see The Royals Made This One “Fateful Mistake.” With Meghan Insider said.

Head of the Commonwealth, with the Queen, Prince and Prince Harry Welsh.
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such as Best life It was reported earlier this month that an informal change of the guard had begun, with the Queen commissioning Charles to make the majority of the family’s decisions. (Just as Philip did when he was alive) When the Duke of Edinburgh passed away, Charles is now the bishop of “The Firm”, although his status within the institute has not officially changed. But there is also his role within the family. The Queen now relies more and more on Charles as she is expected to gradually diminish her appearance. This meant that the influence of the Prince of Wales had grown quite a bit.

Queen has a great love for Harry at all times and by all accounts to welcome Megan as well. She will not be a dramatic change in the minus Harry and Megan and their children had left the house, “edging out … the Queen wants to stay together for very emotional reasons,” Levin said in talkRADIO “in. In her age, she doesn’t need any special changes. “

But Charles was able to make those changes very well when the time came. “I don’t think the Queen is ready for a plan like this. It seems like a very large plan for Prince Charles to execute,” Levin said. And to know more royal news delivered to your inbox, subscribe to our daily newsletter.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle visits famine sculpture major, Dublin, Ireland, in July 2018.
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Earlier this month Mirror online Reported that Harry wants an apology from the House to treat Megan is back to work, their marriage in 2018, not to say what the prince with his father and his brother after the funeral of Phil. Lip doesn’t bring them closer to that.

“As much as Harry may want to maintain a rift with his father and brother, he is still very much believe that the family is still apologize to Megan,” the source told the family earlier. Best life After Harry to Britain. “Although Harry is talking to his father and brother on the road ahead. But he was still upset, he was reluctant to forget everything that had happened, and Meghan would let it go without direct awareness. From the family where everything she said happened “

A lot of people in the US seem to be sympathetic to Harry and Megan – Survey YouGov after telling all the Americans, 40 percent have sympathy for the people of Sussex, but there were only 22 percent in the UK. only to say that they sympathize with Harry and Megan.

“This is a very strong presence in the UK is Harry and Megan, who owes his family apologizing” faction of the Palace who said, “The visit was made all the broken tea. Charles and William are working closely to preserve the future of the monarchy and can perform better than expected due to various circumstances. [British] The public is very much with the royal family in this regard. Harry and Megan could push matters too. This is a family that is always close in times of crisis. Sussex people may find themselves driven out for good. “And for more information on those in favor of the British royal family is the most popular after telling all of Harry and Megan.

Diane Clehen Is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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