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Harry Melling as Lil Edgar Allan Poe

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Harry Melling aka Dudley from Harry Potter Movies and Harry Beltik in queen’s trick, Bringing Nong Po to Netflix in Pale blue eyes. The film will be written and directed by Scott Cooper (enemy) Based on the novel of the same name by Louis Bayard, the film is Cooper’s “Love Project” by deadline As he tried to make the film known for more than a decade, The film will star Christian Bale as an 1800s detective tasked with solving a murder at West Point. Melling will play bb Poe, a West Point cadet who assists in the case.

Edgar Allan Poe is best known now for his horror stories. But he is also credited with helping create detective stories with his C. Auguste Dupin series. pale blue eyes It combines two favorite genres of historical fiction: Looking back when Historical Figure X was young and hot, and “What if this mystery writer solved a crime?” Doctor Who In Agatha Christie’s battle with giant wasps and the BBC series Killing room.

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